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The factory of the future is smart: ideal processes in production

Production Optimization

Production optimization ensures that your production is optimally aligned. This means that time and costs are reduced while output is increased. To ensure that production optimization succeeds, it is necessary to make various adjustments and use supporting intelligent detailed planning systems. The aim is to achieve end-to-end transparency and increased flexibility throughout the entire production process.

Production optimization with Leadec

Fast, flexible and effective

Production planning includes the processes of production program planning, quantity planning and procurement planning as well as capacity and schedule planning and finally production preparation and control. This results in a great deal of potential and a wide variety of approaches for optimizing production.


But why is production optimization so challenging? Here is a list of typical problems many companies are facing:

The challenge of logistics

If logistics processes do not run smoothly, it is often difficult to achieve the specified cycle time. The problems here are manifold and range from inadequate material supply to unnecessary distances and less-than-ideal batch sizes. Our experts find a solution for every problem and support you in optimizing your logistics problems. Even the smallest changes can have a major impact on overall production optimization.

The challenge of cycle time

Especially in production lines with a large number of variants or when starting up new production lines, the planned cycle time is often difficult to achieve. For line balancing, the availability of components, line interlinking and set-up time optimization play a central role. We take a close look at your production and use our many years of experience to identify optimization potential in a short time.

The challenge of storage size

To ensure that production does not come to a standstill, component storage systems are ideal. This means that production can continue even if there is a malfunction anywhere in the plant. However, component storage systems require valuable space and tie up capital. Finding the right balance between plant availability and cost efficiency as well as determining the ideal buffer size – that’s where we provide active support.

The challenge of employee qualification

The optimizations have been completed and the production plant is equipped with new production processes and components. Now it is time to qualify the employees so that the desired effects are actually achieved. We train your employees and prepare them for the new processes.

The challenge of availability

Production line downtime costs time and money and, above all, it stretches your nerves. Our goal is to ensure that your plant produces permanently in high quantities with a wide range of variants.  

An ideal production optimization includes:

  • High plant availability: Minimization of plant downtime and easy maintenance of the plant with low maintenance cycles must be taken into account.
  • Seamless documentation: You always stay on top of things and have easy access to the documentation.
  • Optimizations directly on the facility: For this purpose, we take a close look at, for example, the set-up time, throughput times, distances covered by employees, capacity utilization, logistics, cycle time and availability of the plant and show optimizations directly.
  • Flexibility and simplicity of the plant: With good production optimization, you can produce a large number of variants "in a wild mix." It is very important to us that your employees can easily operate the equipment.
  • Quantity and quality: Both can be increased with good process optimization – at the lowest possible cost.

With ideal production optimization, you will achieve your goals while gaining end-to-end transparency over the processes in your factory.

Our services support the optimization of production

Increased competition, rising cost pressure and changing customer requirements force you to permanently optimize your production. We know the tricks to achieve the best result for you:


  1.  We get an overview of all processes and procedures in your production.
  2.  Now it’s time for analysis: We identify the problems and losses in your production.
  3.  We develop a catalog of measures: Based on our experience, enormous improvements in your production can often be achieved with little cost and little time.
  4.  We accompany you during the implementation of the measures and support you until you have achieved your goals.

Benefit from our wealth of experience

We have already successfully applied our knowledge for many different customers and in a wide range of industries. This means that our experts are thoroughly familiar with production optimization and know exactly how improvements can be achieved quickly and sustainably.
In addition, we draw on specially developed, intelligent algorithms to achieve even more detailed optimization. These algorithms enable us to provide you with the best possible support so that you are always one step ahead of the competition.


Would you like to learn more? Experience for yourself how much potential your production has. Let us optimize your production.


Do you want to learn more?

Ask us. Please send us a message. We would be happy to hear from you.




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Can production optimization help momentary?

Production optimization analyzes which unnecessary raw materials can be avoided, which measures can be taken to save energy and to what extent the workload can be reduced to achieve an ideal result. This shortens throughput times and helps production momentary.

What methods for production optimization are there?

There are seven different sub-areas in which production optimization can achieve significant improvements: Optimizing setup times, personnel costs, production costs, throughput times, capacity utilization and capital commitment. The focus is always on the four basic principles of lean production: pull, cycle, flow and perfection.


The following methods are applied:

  • Kanban design
  • SMED (setup time optimization)
  • Poka Yoke (error prevention)
  • CIP (Continuous Improvement Process)
  • Shopfloor Management
  • 5S (Methodical improvement of work systems)
  • Material flow analysis, e.g. with spaghetti/sankey diagrams
  • 5W (Methodical root cause analysis)



    OEE analysis


    Maintenance optimization (TPM)


    Assessment of the production system


    Six Sigma