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Engineering Services

  • Logistics Planning

    The design of your production and logistics processes as well as efficient intralogistics are central to your success. We at Leadec have set ourselves the task to plan your material flow and optimize your logistics. Let us break new ground together to optimize your logistics planning.

  • Assembly Planning

    We at Leadec can effectively support you in product and process planning as well as optimization in both areas. Our experts develop innovative solutions for your series and assembly planning in a goal-oriented, resource-saving and efficient manner.

  • Factory Planning

    With experience from numerous projects worldwide, we are experts in both new factory construction (greenfield) and factory planning for existing production buildings (brownfield) to integrate new facilities or production lines.

  • Simulation

    Leadec relies on simulations when planning your production layout. Through realistic 3D animation, problem areas can be discovered early on, which is why we can guarantee you optimal and efficient work in the future.

  • Production Optimization

    You want to increase your efficiency and raise the output of your production line? Do not worry about unnecessary expenses! We at Leadec suggest specific solutions how you can increase your production optimization to save time and costs.

  • Additional Services Engineering

    You want to increase your efficiency and raise the output of your production line? Do not worry about unnecessary expenses! We at Leadec Automation & Engineering suggest specific solutions how you can increase your production optimization to save time and costs.

Automation Services

  • System and Automation Solutions

    We are already realizing complete solutions with our highly efficient staff for customers all over the world. We develop innovative automation solutions that meet your individual needs and support you, starting with the planning stage and ending with the implementation of your project.

  • Electrical Installation

    We assemble, install and wire complete manufacturing lines, individual production units and safety-relevant elements. Our range of services includes: medium and low-voltage systems, lighting systems, data transmission systems and control cabinet construction.

  • Prototype Fixtures

    Are you looking for the right partner to manufacture your prototype fixtures? At Leadec, we are able to produce prototype fixtures that are true to the original and can then be used as the basis for your complete production series.

  • Automatic Stations

    Are you concerned about varying production processes in your production line? Automation stations from Leadec can make up for the tolerance and help to fully automate your production.

  • Retrofit

    It is often not necessary to replace an already running system completely. We offer you the opportunity to optimize your existing plants and processes according to the current regulations with a so-called Retrofit. With this you can save time and money, increase your efficiency and at the same time meet the latest safety standards.

  • Education Center

    Leadec's Education Center offers you comprehensive further training services in the field of robotics and automation in order to train specialists in a short-term, demand-oriented and professional manner.

Production IT

  • Test Systems

    The test and inspection software from Leadec is based solely on the goal of quality assurance. We develop customer-specific test systems precisely tailored to you and your needs. Regardless of whether it involves real-time integration tests or qualification, service life and endurance tests.

  • Condition Monitoring

    When it comes to the condition monitoring of your processes, Leadec is exactly the right partner! With our online monitoring and the subsequent automated diagnosis, we find weak points before they can cause problems.

  • Smart Factory Solutions

    Digitization is advancing – and with it Industry 4.0 (Smart Factory). Do not leave anything to chance and prepare yourself for intelligent and self-regulating production with Leadec.

  • Edge Computing

    Edge computing refers to the opposite of the cloud. Instead of having a distant data center, the data is processed physically close to the devices that generate the data. This shortens response times (latency), which means accelerated functions, especially for applications that use real-time data. Decentralized data processing at the edge of the network is the main feature.

  • Production data acquisition

    Production data acquisition (PDA for short) is a central component of today’s production processes. During each individual process step, as-built data of the processes and conditions of machines and systems are recorded, analyzed, evaluated and stored. Production data acquisition (PDA) is an essential component of the factory of today and tomorrow and, in addition to the corresponding transparency in your current production, offers potential (insights) for optimizing production processes.

  • In-house developments

    Products from Leadec support your production and are applied exactly where it matters. This is achieved, for example, through our diverse selection of products such as weld quality analysis or data analysis.