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Higher efficiency through optimized logistics processes

Logistics planning for smooth processes

The basis for trouble-free production is an optimally planned material flow. Our experts plan it, optimize your logistics processes and help you increase productivity. As part of logistics planning, we also determine your resource requirements. Whether it’s shelves, inventories, space or personnel – efficiency comes first.

Logistics planning with Leadec

Whether you come from the B2B world, intralogistics or the B2C sector: For all our customers, it is important that they master the great complexity in logistics under high price and cost pressure. Because an optimal design of production and logistics processes as well as efficient intralogistics are central to their success.

What characterizes a good logistics planning? 

Good logistics planning ensures that all the required parts are available in the right quantity and at the right time at the place of installation. The challenge here is to be able to react flexibly to fluctuations in demand.

Our logistics planning ensures that:

  • you can dynamically adapt your processes from storage to production, even with difficult planning and volatile markets.
  • a change in the production plan or a large number of variants are easily manageable for you.
  • you can reduce your costs and realize shorter planning cycles with permanent logistics optimization.
  • you have a full overview of complex (internal) logistic processes at all times.
  • you are getting closer and closer to reaching batch size 1, while at the same time being able to implement required savings.

In short, with ideal logistics planning, you have full transparency and can track the order from the warehouse to production or delivery to the end customer.

Our Services

Our logistics planning services:

  • Efficient resource planning: means of transport, shelves, stocks, areas, personnel and more
  • Definition of storage, transport and delivery strategies
  • Implementation of call-off strategies: Kanban, JIS, JIT
  • Planning & simulation of tugger train systems
  • Investigating and evaluating planning scenarios
  • Specifications and requirements for the procurement of resources
  • Detailed layouts from rough planning to operations for material supply
  • Inventory optimization and total cost minimization
  • Optimal supply in terms of quantity, quality, time, place, means of transport and strategy

Discover your added value

Optimized logistics planning results in many advantages. Simulation before the start of production can save a lot of costs. Expensive modifications due to lack of planning are avoided, planning the investment volume and the required resources in advance avoids stress at the start of production. Production start-ups are ensured, planning becomes faster and more efficient.

    Your advantages at a glance:

    • Data gathering or acquisition
    • Determination of resource requirements through planning and, as required, a software-based model
    • Validation of the planning and, as required, of the model behavior
    • Examination of planning alternatives and optimization of the plans
    • Presentation of the results as a basis for decision-making

    Optimized logistics planning is just the beginning

    There is further potential for optimization in many areas of your company. Our experts will be happy to work with you to take a closer look at assembly, material supply or material flow. In many areas, additional costs can also be saved with automation solutions. Take the next step toward all-around improved logistics with us.

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