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PLC programming

Are you looking for a solution to control your complex plant components in a bundled and digital way? By implementing a programmable logic controller (PLC), we enable simple, smooth and digital control of your processes. The PLC is the heart and brain of your plant. Hardly any technical process in industry or utilities today is not controlled by these absolutely reliable systems.

PLC programming

PLCs are modern powerful industrial computers. They are designed for 24/7 operation and control and monitor any kind of technical process - from simple traffic light control to complex cascade controllers.


We implement PLCs wherever automation and monitoring and control of your plants or processes are required: from the pharmaceutical, food and automotive industries to energy and water supply.

Your advantages at a glance  

  • Cost-effective implementation for complex applications – with the help of intelligent additional tools such as our TERANiS
  • Low maintenance effort through consistent use of remote maintenance
  • With Leadec, the PLC is also always the basis for Industry 4.0 and IoT

Our extended solution approach

Modern PLCs are suitable as central data acquisition units in complex plants. Buzzwords such as IoT gateway or edge computing are accompanying music in the context of Industry 4.0 or even the Internet of Things. We at Leadec are able to make the various PLCs in your existing plants the source of your process knowledge, key figures, consumption, downtimes – all this information can be obtained and forms the basis for a complex manufacturing execution system (MES).


The MES takes over the detailed planning and control of your production and acts as an interface between the underlying process and control levels and the ERP above.


Smooth control and integration of all operating equipment are crucial for the efficiency of your production. Take advantage of our many years of experience in implementing MES software and benefit from our know-how.

Do you want to learn more?

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What does PLC programming mean?

PLC is the abbreviation for programmable logic controller. PLCs are modern powerful industrial computers that are used for control and regulation purposes. 

How is a PLC constructed?

A PLC consists at least of inputs, outputs, an operating system (firmware) and an interface which can be used to load the user program. The user program determines how the outputs are to be switched depending on the inputs. 

In which sectors of industry is the PLC used?

From general mechanical engineering, woodworking machines, packaging machines, sheet metal working, machine tools, plant engineering, assembly automation, building and materials handling technology to traffic control systems – the PLC is a universal automation solution for almost all industries.