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[LuQ2] – one solution for all data

The key to process optimization lies in data analysis. Your complex manufacturing and production facilities are the focus of our work. However, your already integrated technology can only lead to the best possible results in the environment of optimally organized production processes. This is exactly where [LuQ2] comes into play: [LuQ2] combines your production data, your know-how and your processes.

One program – the whole package

You as the customer are at the center of the [LuQ2] concept. The program integrates into your existing IT landscape and sees itself as a central data platform. The MES concept (manufacturing execution system) enables you to implement a whole range of individual functionalities: operating data, machine data, process data, quality data, logistics data, planning data – with [LuQ2] you link already existing infrastructure.


As specialists in the field of automation, we at Leadec know where and how your data originates. Together, we achieve a new process understanding for your company with the MES concept [LuQ2]. Here, [LuQ2] is the connecting element in your future daily production routine in order to develop an individual solution step by step.


Order-related feedback into the ERP system, live visualization of your processes and machines, reports, traceability, maintenance management, energy monitoring, quality data management, logistics – the solution options offered by [LuQ2] are as diverse as your requirements.

The functions of [LuQ2]


  • Plausibility checks are performed in real time during production data acquisition.
  • Here, contexts are stored that form a network between the user and [LuQ2].
  • This allows simultaneous data acquisition and assurance of the correctness of your production processes.
  • The information obtained from this is passed on to various target systems.
  • In this way, for example, automatic transmission of setpoints or recipe parameters to the control level is possible.
  • Typical areas of application are the overarching support of the usual workflows of machines, levels or departments.


  • [LuQ2] not only collects your data and links it together – it also evaluates it to identify targeted optimization measures for technical and organizational processes.
  • In general, [LuQ2] has filtering options by certain properties such as the time of the event.
  • [LuQ2] also enables individual evaluations with external tools, as the data is located in a freely accessible and fully documented customer database.


  • Production data acquisition (PDA) is a core function of [LuQ2].
  • A distinction is made between data that can be captured automatically and data that is generated by manual or semi-automatic information provided by employees.
  • With our know-how it is possible to access controls of different types via fieldbus or discrete signals. This is an advantage for customers who produce with machines from different manufacturers.
  • By connecting an additional sensor system, product, process and environmental data can be recorded.
  • Typical areas of application are the recording of order-related information such as start, end, set-up times, quantities, malfunctions, materials used and posting in and out of staging areas, warehouses, etc.


  • [LuQ2] is equipped with individual interfaces to generate significant added value for your production.
  • This can create couplings to your ERP system and to further software.
  • The integration of Excel spreadsheets is just as possible as the digitization of paper documents.
  • [LuQ2] fits seamlessly into your IT system landscape.
  • The program creates a central data platform that collects, bundles and shares data in a targeted manner.
  • Typical applications include the forwarding of job plan data to the worker level and subsequent real-time feedback.


  • With such an all-encompassing program, archiving the data obtained is also part of the process.
  • For this purpose, [LuQ2] stores your data on a long-term basis in order to evaluate the effect of implemented optimization measures.

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