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Comprehensive solutions for the factory of tomorrow

Factory Planning - from Concept to Implementation

We are your strong partner for sustainable factory planning and support you in planning, redesigning, expanding or optimizing your factory. With experience from numerous projects worldwide, we are experts in both new factory construction (greenfield) and factory planning for existing production buildings (brownfield) to integrate new facilities or production lines.

The ideal arrangement of functional areas in your production or manufacturing plant is the focus of our holistic planning. We know how production processes run efficiently and smoothly and align material flow and layout planning specifically to your value-added process. The architectural planning results from the required functions – always taking into account the conditions of the building, property or technology.

Concept Planning: Based on your goals and strategic specifications, we develop an ideal space layout that takes processes and structures into account.

Detailed Planning: In detailed planning, we create a detailed plan of the functional areas with processes and material flows. For example, we define workflows in production, assembly and logistics.

Realization: When rebuilding or building a new factory, a large number of internal and external persons, companies and authorities is often involved. We are at your side throughout the realization of your new factory. If required, we take over the installation and commissioning of machines and logistics systems and are the first point of contact for suppliers and teams from different disciplines.

Optimization: Do you sometimes ask yourself whether more output can be generated from your existing factory with a few changes? From this and other aspects, we can carry out a redesign of your factory and help you to quickly achieve your goals.

Start-up Management: Our start-up management ensures that all processes actually run as efficiently as planned.

Greenfield and Brownfield

Clever factory planning is essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly right from the start when building a new factory. So that our customers can concentrate on their production, we take care of the greenfield project in its entirety. For example, relocating or expanding existing production sites increases productivity. When manufacturing new products using existing facilities or when integrating new lines, the factory layout often has to be adapted.  With their know-how, our experts create optimal conditions for brownfield projects.

Intelligent factory layout

The central element of factory planning is layout planning, in which the layout of objects (plants, machines) in a production system is described. Basically, layout planning records the production system taking into account the production process as well as the local conditions in order to optimize, for example, the use of space, the production process and the material flow.

Good factory layout planning takes a holistic approach and allows you to get straight to the heart of a problem and make optimizations that have a positive impact on all processes.

Digital Production Planning

In order to meet the individual requirements of our customers, we make targeted use of methods such as MTM (= methods-time measurement) or REFA (= a German method for time measurement in production) in factory planning.


With our digital tools for factory planning, we can quickly create layouts or simulations. This gives you a good overview of the changes in your factory in all project phases. The basis of all planning is a thorough process analysis and process optimization. Here, enormous potential for improvement can already be identified, which we take into account as recommendations for action in our planning and optimization. And we are already thinking one step ahead, including the interaction between machines, buildings and people – code word Industry 4.0 – in factory planning. Learn more about this in the Production IT section.

Interdisciplinary Team for your Factory Planning

We realize the planning and optimization of production facilities worldwide. What sets us apart is our interdisciplinary and broad-based expertise: At Leadec, we combine factory planners, problem solvers, project managers, process optimizers, IT specialists, robotics experts, equipment designers, and (plant) installers in one team. Thus, we have the appropriate competencies for comprehensive planning and implementation along your entire value chain in every area. Contact us for more information on factory planning: Our experts look forward to advising you.

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