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Planning and optimization of all processes in assembly planning

Assembly Planning

Space problems in material supply, unnecessary distances covered by workers or bottlenecks on lines – our assembly planning detects such problems at an early stage and optimizes production. Based on data visualization in 3D, assembly planning is efficient, transparent and intuitive.

Assembly and process planning

For many customers, the planning of an assembly line calls for ever greater individuality. As a result, the variety of variants is increasing while batch sizes decrease. Cost pressure, capacity bottlenecks and special specifications often make designing and planning a production seem difficult.


Good assembly planning ensures that the necessary assembly processes and materials to be used are available based on the product structure. The optimal use of the necessary employees, tools and equipment is a core requirement of assembly planning. In addition, a distinction is made between strategic assembly planning and series planning (also component planning) for a product or brand. At Leadec, we provide particularly effective support for product and process planning and optimization in both areas.


We develop innovative solutions for your needs in a targeted, resource-saving and efficient manner. Together, we determine the status quo and compare it with your objectives. On this basis, we develop proposals for a sensible and sustainable implementation.

Product planning or series planning

We take a holistic view of your production and include optimization areas such as ideal material provision, optimization of distances covered by workers, material flow, cycle times and resource planning right from the start. Just-in-time production and the realization of lean production are a matter of course for us. Experience shows that development projects can be carried out more quickly and usually completed according to schedule with lean product development.

Creation of specifications

Each plant is unique, which is why it is necessary to identify exactly what the plant has to do in detail. Which standards must it meet? What maintenance intervals must be taken into account and how easy is it to obtain spare parts? We know the ropes and create an appropriate plant description and specifications already in the planning stage.


Process planning and process optimization

There is a permanent need for optimization in assembly and production. In addition, enormous optimization potential lies hidden in your processes. We do everything we can to optimize your goals in terms of time, costs and plant availability. In doing so, our customers benefit from our many years of experience gained in customer projects as well as innovative processes for optimization.

Focus on cycle time optimization

The goal of smoothly running production is to ensure that all stations and workplaces are fully utilized and have no idle times or excessive workloads. With our experience and the clever use of methods such as MTM (methods-time measurement), we bring your production into balance.

Design of adjacent processes

Good assembly planning does not end with the planning of tools and resources. To ensure that your entire production runs smoothly, we also consider and advise you on the topics of material supply, material flow planning, optimization of distances covered by workers and find ideal solutions for you in lean production.  

Plant support

Assembly planning is often only the first step. The goal is to ensure high availability of your plant. This means that we optimize new or existing lines and plants without expensive and unnecessary downtimes if possible. The solutions we have developed in the field of production IT contribute to achieving decisive optimizations.

From small to large, from strategic planning to implementation, our experts at Leadec are passionate about their work and have a wealth of knowledge. We are directly on site with you – and solve problems where they occur. Many different teams are often involved in assembly planning, for example materials handling, electrical planning, hydraulics and brand planning. Our specialists coordinate these many interfaces and unite them into a coherent overall picture. 

That’s what sets us apart

  • Many years of experience in process optimization in numerous customer projects in the automotive and non-automotive environment.
  • Looking beyond the horizon: We also include AGVs, supermarket, logistics and other fields in our proposed solutions.
  • We can cover and optimize the entire process chain.
  • We are interface experts and can coordinate a wide variety of groups in the development process.
  • In addition to our engineering expertise, we have experts from the fields of automation and production IT in-house.

Would you like to plan or optimize an assembly line? Then let’s talk about your specific application.

Do you want to learn more?

Ask us. Please send us a message. We would be happy to hear from you.




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Which other areas belong to assembly planning?

Assembly system planning

  • Assembly line planning is relevant for series assembly, as this is where equipment is selected or designed specifically for this assembly.

Assembly sequence planning

  • Assembly sequence planning is divided into order-specific and order-neutral assembly sequence planning:
  • Order-specific assembly sequence planning is characterized by the fact that all assembly documents must be created anew for each order. This form of production is used for single and small series, for example in the construction of special machines.
  • In the case of order-neutral assembly scheduling, assembly planning is carried out on the basis of bills of materials and existing documents.

What are the goals of assembly planning?

One of the main objectives of assembly planning is to achieve minimum assembly unit costs, i.e. the general cost of the individual piece. In addition, good assembly planning guarantees that delivery dates and quality specifications and standards are met. It also reduces assembly times, thereby shortening lead times. In addition, well-designed assembly planning helps to secure the value chain.

What does assembly planning include?

Assembly planning includes everything from the assembly of individual parts of varying status to assemblies of varying complexity to products ready for sale. Under the general conditions of cycle time, number of pieces, new or rebuild planning and other restrictions in the assembly process, assembly planning makes comprehensive statements about the prevailing processes. 

What are the phases of assembly planning?

Task definition

  • This is where the goals are defined and a situation analysis is carried out.

Rough planning

  • In rough planning, the processes are defined and structured.

Detailed planning

  • Subsequently, the systems are detailed and put out to tender


  • System procurement and installation takes place

Production start-up

  • At the end the system is implemented and secured