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We bring your line to life – with individually programmed robots

Robotics programming

Industrial robots from planning to commissioning

We are specialized in programming robots of manufacturers such as KUKA, Fanuc, ABB and many more. In addition, we have extensive experience in the automotive industry through our customer projects – for example, through our cooperation with Daimler, VW or Audi. OEM standards such as VASS or Integra are part of our daily business.

Our robotics programming services

  • Robotics programming for new plants
  • Offline and online programming
  • Electrical installation
  • Start-up support
  • Optimization of existing plant and equipment/retrofit
  • Changes and optimizations of robot programs
  • Expansion of already existing stations by new products and equipment
  • Configuration of networks, sensors, scanners for optimal robot operation
  • Automation and system solutions
  • Enhancement of the stations’ functionality
  • Identification of downtime and failure reasons
  • Diagnostics and analysis of the causes of errors and elimination of their consequences
  • Production data acquisition (PDA) and manufacturing execution system (MES)
  • Visualization solutions

We create new robot programming from the synergies of offline and online programming. The complex offline programming (OLP) takes place at Leadec on the PC. Our programmers think through the required sequences of the robot, design and simulate them on the PC. This programming forms the digital twin of the on-site programming. Here, motion sequences can be tested and tried out, and potential errors can be corrected at an early stage. Other activities can be performed undisturbed on the plant and equipment during this time. 


Shortly afterwards, virtual commissioning takes place. Here, the robot and PLC (programmable logic controller) merge. This is followed by the transfer into reality and the electrical installation provides power and the appropriate connections for the robot at the workstation. This is followed by online programming: Our programmers test the robot on site and thus have the opportunity to view the motion sequences in real time. We guarantee this start-up support until complete and error-free commissioning. Once the system is up and running and all robot sequences are error-free, optimization and instruction of the personnel take place on site. In this way, we guarantee safety and reliability.   

Not everything always has to be new

If you wish a general overhaul of your already existing machines, we offer you an alternative solution with a retrofit, by which the existing components are renewed or expanded by new functions.


In many industrial plants, robots have a service life of around three to seven years. During this time, optimization is on the agenda again and again, and we will be happy to support you and add suitable functions to your plant and equipment. In doing so, it is our greatest concern to avoid expensive and unnecessary production downtime.

A highly qualified team

When programming robots, it is not only the know-how that counts, but also the experience and enthusiasm with which these complex tasks are implemented. We are characterized in particular by our good quality and high-performance robot programming. Our systems meet all acceptance criteria and can be put into operation by our customers without any modifications. We are a reliable and valued partner, especially in the automotive industry, but our expertise in non-automotive sectors is also convincing. With a highly qualified team, clear processes and exceptionally strict quality standards, we ensure reliable operation of your plant and equipment and maximum safety for people and materials.


Would you like to renew, expand or completely rebuild your robot systems?

Ask us. Please send us a message or give us a call. We would be happy to hear from you.

Do you want to learn more?

Ask us. Please send us a message. We would be happy to hear from you.




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What is robotics?

Robotics or robot technology deals with the design, creation, control, production and operation of robots. The flexibility makes robots especially valuable, because for changes in the production process one only has to change software or tools, but not the robot itself. Robotics integrates approaches from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, especially artificial intelligence (AI). 

Where is robotics used?

The areas of application for industrial robots focus on assembly work such as welding, riveting and screwing, as well as spray painting. Robots are also already taking over complete work processes in the furniture industry and agriculture. But robots are also used in electromobility, space robotics, logistics and in the health and transportation sectors. 

Which programming options are available for robots?

There are many different programming methods in robot programming, but they can all be divided into two subcategories of online and offline programming. Offline programming (indirect programming) means that the robot is programmed outside of production and without interrupting production. This can eliminate production downtime as well as associated wasted time and support lean production. Online programming (direct programming), on the other hand, involves programming or testing directly on the real robot. The disadvantage here is that the system is not available for production during programming. 

What are the important procedures of online and offline programming?

Online programming includes in particular the "teach-in" method, which in turn includes the "play-back" method. In addition, parameter input via software interface using so-called "control panels" is also included. Offline programming, on the other hand, includes programming via 3D simulation, as well as textual or CAD-based methods. 

Where does robot programming nowadays stand?

Today, there are a large number of different specially adapted robot programming languages for source code coding. Many of these languages are even specifically targeted at certain robot types/families and have been explicitly developed for them. But there are also some free programming languages or extensions for common programming languages like C++ and JAVA. The various languages offer all the functions and features required specifically for robots, such as the fact that robots can be addressed in real time, or that various control systems are supported.