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From conception to realization

Commissioning, Launch Support, Documentation

Leadec Automation & Engineering supports you during and also after the integration of your new applications. We work hand in hand with you. When introducing new equipment, operating systems and software, we are with you every step of the way and beyond, once the system is set up. Our highly efficient staff not only consists of specialists in the automotive environment, but also has excellent knowledge of the tire manufacturing and food & beverage industries.

Our team is ideally positioned to support you with expertise and specialist knowledge. With our know-how and creative ideas, we will find the right solutions for you. From virtual commissioning to on-site start-up, from start-up support to final documentation. So, you see: We won't leave you alone at any single step! We listen to you, take care of your difficulties and solve them.  


It is our goal to offer you an ideal commissioning and start-up support and to adjust your staff to it in the best possible way. We guarantee the problem-free integration of your new applications and put your ideas and concepts into practice.   

Virtual commissioning

A new system programming results from the synergies of offline and online programming.  Offline programming (OLP) takes place in our company on the PC and is very complex. This relieves the burden on employees on site.  Other trades can work on the system during this time without being disturbed.  Our programmer thinks through the process sequences you require and designs and simulates them on the PC. This programming forms the digital twin of the programming on site. Here potential errors can already be corrected, and motion sequences can be tested and tried out.    


During the subsequent assembly and commissioning of the system on site, no errors must be made. Therefore, Leadec Automation & Engineering relies on trained specialists to set up your production safely. This is where plant and PLC (programmable logic controller) merge.  Afterwards, the translation into reality takes place, including electrical installation.

Launch support  

This is followed by online programming: Our programmer tests the system on site and is thus able to view the motion sequences in real time.  This start-up support is guaranteed by us until complete and error-free commissioning.  Once the system is up and running and all robot sequences are error-free, the optimization and instruction of the personnel takes place on site.  Thus, we can guarantee safety and reliability.   



We document the actual state of your plant and present important key figures. This gives you an overview of the efficiency increase of your production. In addition, the documentation of changes can be used for future efficiency increases. This is particularly advantageous in retrofitting when a new control software is assembled from old modules. This transparency also makes it easier for you to track certain steps later.   

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What does commissioning mean?

The term commissioning is frequently used in the technical environment. It often refers to machines and production facilities, but also buildings or infrastructure facilities, which have been manufactured or erected and are now being "activated." The term thus characterizes a point in time when the machine is used for its intended purpose for the first time. 

What is the difference between putting into service and commissioning?

Putting into service includes all activities and measures that bring a fully assembled machine or system to a state of operational readiness and functionality. Preparatory work for subsequent operation, such as fine-tuning, checking and optimizing, would therefore also be part of putting into service. Commissioning, on the other hand, means the transition from a machine or system that is "out of operation" to one that is in operating condition. This may be because the machine has never been operated before (initial commissioning) or because it has been shut down after previous operation (recommissioning after a resting).