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Circuit diagram creation

We create professional circuit diagrams for our customers for the electrotechnical and automation parts of machines and complete industrial plants. We use various CAD programs such as EPLAN and ELCAD to create the technical drawings. With our help our customers can rely on a safe, clear and complete electrical documentation.


The circuit book is the basis for the creation of the control cabinets, for the field assembly of cables, sensors and actuators and it forms the essential documentation component for subsequent smooth maintenance and troubleshooting.

Preparation of the circuit diagram

Before a circuit diagram can be created, close coordination with the mechanical designer of the machine or the process planner of the industrial plant is necessary. We manage the necessary planning data of sensors and actuators with database support. This enables us to collect information only once and to maintain it in a central location. The basic data collected in this way is imported into the electrical CAD system and used to plan the circuit document. Our experts work closely with our customers to meet their individual needs.

Documentation by Leadec

In the field of automation technology, comprehensive documentation is important to enable companies to work efficiently. This documentation includes, among other things, differentiated, appropriate and, above all, accurate circuit diagrams that provide information about electrical circuits.


This purely documentary purpose becomes particularly relevant when overhauls or repairs are pending in order to renew or optimize electrical circuits and systems through retrofitting. 


According to individual specifications of your mechanical design, we design and document the electrical and pneumatic systems for your machines or plants - from simple terminal boxes to large control cabinets, from one-offs to large-scale production.


Are you looking for the right partner to develop or revise a circuit diagram for your production? Contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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What is a circuit diagram?

A circuit diagram, also called electronic schematic or electrical diagram, is a graphical representation of an electrical circuit, specifically a power circuit.

What are the advantages of a circuit diagram?

For all important components and devices of a circuit diagram there are standardized symbols, the so-called circuit symbols, which allow a quick understanding of the picture. However, reading circuit diagrams requires some basic knowledge of electronics. 

What information must a circuit diagram contain?

The focus is not on a real arrangement of the components, but on the abstracted representation of the electrical functions and the current courses. From the created drawing, you can subsequently create netlists for the layout.

Which software is used to create a circuit diagram?

Leadec uses various CAD programs such as EPLAN and ELCAD to create the technical drawings.