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Individual automation solutions for your production

Automation – discover the potential of your processes

Flexible, precise and highly efficient – this is what our automation solutions look like. We have already implemented complete solutions from a single source for customers all over the world. We are absolute specialists in the automotive environment, but we also know our way around the tire manufacturing and food & beverage sectors. We are responsible for projects from planning to implementation and are the first point of contact for optimization during the utilization phase.

With around 200 employees in the field of automation, we at Leadec accomplish a lot.


We develop innovative solutions that meet your individual needs. We support you from planning to implementation in a project. We also support you during the utilization phase with comprehensive services to optimize your plant. We are also your reliable partner for upgrading older plants.


Automation services

Through consistent optimization, perfect coordination and smooth integration of electrical components, we ensure reliable, efficient and economical production. We design target-oriented and resource-saving solutions for your needs. In doing so, we rely on the latest technologies to make processes even more efficient.


  • Automation of individual areas, entire facilities or lines
  • Robotics programming (offline and online)
  • PLC programming
  • Circuit diagram design
  • Circuit diagram construction
  • Electrical installation
  • Commissioning and start-up support as well as virtual commissioning
  • Cell formation
  • Prototypes
  • Production data acquisition (PDA) & manufacturing execution system (MES)
  • Visualization solutions

Our solutions are created in dialogue with our customers, whom we accompany from analysis to implementation. In the planning phase, we prepare a requirements analysis and advise you on your needs – especially with regard to the design of mechanics and electrics.


In the implementation phase, we take care of material procurement and manufacturing. If necessary, we provide suitable software or develop it ourselves. This is followed by the assembly and commissioning ofthe system. We remain at your side during production support until everything runs smoothly. Once everything has been set up on the plant or line, we also take over the training of your employees.


We support our customers throughout the entire service life of their factory. When it comes to plant optimization, we find optimal solutions for your company – with the help of big data and production IT.


In short, the factory and especially the planning, automation and commissioning of a line are inherently complex, not least because the work in various disciplines must be coordinated over a long period of time. We are at your side in all project phases.

Automation and system solutions

Optimizing processes, installing new production equipment and increasing productivity in the process – this can be achieved with an experienced and innovative partner for automation solutions. We offer you a complete package, including components ranging from materials handling systems and robots to IT-based optimization solutions. We not only implement completely new systems, but also integrate new components into existing systems. With Leadec, you get everything from a single source: an overall concept and a fixed contact person to whom you can turn at any time if you have any questions. Our customers’ workload is decreased because we reduce interfaces, costs and deadlines.

Robots and material handling systems

Do you need a high-performance materials handling system including a conveyor system, material flow control and logistics management? Industrial robots that move material from one production point to the next in a targeted manner? We develop, produce and assemble customized manufacturing solutions for materials handling systems, transport systems, robots and their grippers. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can develop technology solutions tailored specifically to your needs. As a result, we guarantee not only the best quality in execution and equipment, but also the highest level of safety.

Production data acquisition (PDA) and manufacturing execution system (MES)

Production data acquisition (PDA) is the basis for being able to integrate the filtered data into systems such as the MES for planning, controlling and monitoring production in real time. We develop and implement systems for the acquisition of fault data and the recording of plant signals, as these form the basis for comprehensive analyses. These links allow your data to be displayed transparently, enabling waiting activities and capacity bottlenecks to be illustrated and identified using graphical reports.

Visualization solutions

Using the human-machine interface (HMI), your employees control the system via a display and can thus view the status of the machine at any time and react directly to it. We offer easy-to-use and reliable menu and software solutions so that the systems can be operated by your employees without any problems. We pay special attention to tailoring the operation to your specific requirements, which reduces operating errors and makes it easier to train new employees. In case of problems, our visualization solutions allow you to quickly find sources of error and avoid them in the future.

Electrical installation

We assemble, install and wire complete production lines, individual production units and safety-relevant elements, such as medium and low voltage systems, lighting systems, IT infrastructure and control cabinet fabrication. The focus is on cost-effective but high-quality solutions. During the planning and implementation of electrical installations, we focus on safety and consistent compliance with standards, rules and regulations at all times. With a highly qualified team, clear processes and strict quality standards, we ensure the reliable operation of your plant and the highest safety for people and materials.


If a general overhaul of existing machines is due, we offer you a retrofit solution in which the existing components are renewed or expanded by new functions. By taking stock, we clarify which components are already in place and how they can best be optimized. This is followed by the replacement of old control systems and the procurement of spare parts. After being overhauled by our experts, the plant is once again state of the art, which not only increases plant availability, but also reduces troubleshooting time.

We are your experienced and innovative partner in all questions of automation. Our service saves your resources and enables an optimal and long-term use of plant and equipment with maximum availability and operational safety. Let us talk about your project.

Do you want to learn more?

Ask us. Please send us a message. We would be happy to hear from you.




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What is the difference between digitalization and automation?

Digitalization refers to the digital support of processes and tasks. Automation, on the other hand, refers to processes and tasks that explicitly run independently and automatically, such as repetitive tasks, with the same patterns. Automation can only take place on the basis of digitalization.  

But not every digitalization is an automation. On the contrary, most digitalization solutions do not replace humans, but support them with more powerful tools. Work that requires intelligence and creativity cannot be automated. 


What is an automation solution?

Automation solutions are complete ready-to-use systems that run industrial manufacturing processes automatically.