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Individual solutions for your production series

Prototype equipment – always an exact fit

We advise and support our customers in building up their prototype equipment. No matter if it is cars, vans, buses or something completely new – we develop suitable prototype equipment for your line. Your complete production series can later be based on this true-to-original facility.

Prototype equipment for reliable production

Prototype fixtures consist of production equipment applied before the finished series production. They are used to manually mount new parts to the bodies-in-white. We build prototype equipment based on the series equipment or series clamping stations. This way, automobile manufacturers ensure the smooth running of their series production processes, because the clamping and joining concept in the manufactured component is identical to that in the series production. The prototype equipment allows for problem areas to be identified and bypassed at an early stage. This guarantees a faster and safer start-up of a new production series. Early problem detection can reduce costs and save time.

Prototype facilities are built up piece by piece. For the side panels, small assemblies consisting of two to three sheets are initially joined together. Together with you, we discuss the selection and number of clamping points, as well as the coordinates for milling, turning and pivot points. These are then combined to form a larger group, which is further expanded when combined with other groups. In addition, there are the clamping and fixing concepts. How do we grip the component? What are your coordinates so that we can clamp or center the part precisely? With a rubber, plastic, aluminum or steel pressure piece, the components are then clamped manually by means of a lever.


Our prototype facilities feature all joining processes used today, including spot welding and brazing. They are manufactured, designed, measured and assembled piece by piece until the end result is the prototype equipment customized to your individual requirements.

Our services for prototype equipment

  • Review of the clamping and fixing concept as well as linking sequences
  • Planning of welding and joining processes
  • Layout
  • Development of equipment concepts
  • 3D/2D design in the desired CAD program
  • Accessibility survey and simulation
  • Joining process
  • Creation of drawings and parts lists
  • Production and assembly
  • Commissioning and start-up support
  • Change management
  • Documentation and CE
  • Cubing, module and single part measuring devices

Good from experience

For more than 15 years, we have been working closely with customers from the automotive industry and producing prototpye fixtures for well-known manufacturers. Our equipment serves as a basis for the finished prototype, which can also be used during series production. For optimal cooperation we use the CAD program of your choice. When designing prototype equipment, we do not skimp on safety or ergonomic solutions for your employees. We adhere to the latest safety standards, ensuring high safety and quality.


Are you looking for the right partner for your prototype equipment? Our experts are always available to answer your questions.

Do you want to learn more?

Ask us. Please send us a message. We would be happy to hear from you.




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What is a prototype fixture?

Prototype fixtures are operating devices that are used before the finished series production. In this context, the bodies-in-white are manual devices of the prototypes.