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Automated cells for your production

Automatic stations

Higher productivity at low cost and better working conditions – this becomes possible with our automatic stations. From concept development to programming and implementation, we offer all services from a single source. Our customers not only benefit from better output, but also receive a unique system that ensures variety and quality in equal measure.

Typical questions regarding automatic stations concern the programming with varying production steps or the compensation of inaccuracies. Our experts develop individual solutions for this and also support you if no systematic programming of the plant can be carried out.


Automated compensation of variations

Especially in picking areas or with milling work, deviations in the controlled processes can occur. Even with variations of only +/- 10 mm, the system finds it difficult to compensate for them. If, for example, the distances between milling holes vary, the robot cannot balance out the differences itself.


With the systems we have developed, this tolerance can be compensated. Air pressure, for example, enables the robot to react to various deviations. It mills a spot only when the pressure increases and stops when it decreases. This allows us to guarantee you exact execution and the highest quality.


This technology is used above all for precisely repeatable processes and operations – or when ergonomic issues play a role. In this way, your employees’ workload can be reduced and time can be saved. This not only reduces your running costs, but also sustainably increases your employees’ health in the long term.  

Automated cells for the production of the future

The technology of automated cells is comparatively new. However, we already have numerous successes in the field of automated stations and use the experience and knowledge gained to solve your individual problems. You will not only receive a potential solution from us, but the complete implementation: concept development, programming and implementation.


Our Automation & Engineering experts offer a wide range of bundled services from a single source, whether it is electrics, control technology, pneumatics or hydraulics. In addition, we do not just rely on existing technologies, but develop new systems together with our customers, tailor-made for your plant. Accordingly, you can put your assembly system together individually according to current requirements and even adding new components and processes at a later point in time is no problem.


If you would like to learn more about our services regarding automatic stations, please feel free to contact us.

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What is the function of an automatic station?

Typical issues regarding automatic stations concern programming in the case of varying production steps or the compensation of inaccuracies. 

Automatic stations provide automated compensation for variations, especially in the areas of picking and milling operations. In this way, the employees‘ workload can be reduced and time can be saved. They also provide automated cells for production.