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We offer the right training for you - flexible and tailored to your needs

Leadec Education Center – robotics and automation

Our Education Center offers comprehensive training services in the field of robotics and automation. In this way, we support our customers in training specialists in the field of robotics and automation in a short-term, demand-oriented and professional manner. We are one of the few companies in Germany that have succeeded in creating a certified robotics training program based on the specific needs of our customers, which is unique in Germany in this form. We provide manufacturer-independent training on KUKA, FANUC and ABB robots. 

Experts in the field of robot operation and programming are in demand like never before! As demand grows, so do the requirements. As a leading industrial service provider in the international environment, Leadec has the expertise to lead you to success by providing you and your employees with hands-on training or continuing education in the various automation processes and topics.


We are pleased to adapt the training courses to your specific needs. We respond to the wishes of our customers in a needs-oriented manner.


Specialist training



Specialist training

Competence is what sets us apart

 Our training courses teach the common robot standards and include comprehensive practical exercises. At our facilities, we teach practical basics and perfect knowledge. Our qualified training keeps graduates abreast of the rapid pace of robotics development. Combination training on two robot types at a time saves time and allows specifications and differences to be taught directly.


Training courses on demand.

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Customized qualification measures


  • Qualification within the scope of major projects or production start-ups
  • Individual customized employee qualification

Our Mission Statement

Our primary goal  is to enable participants to successfully take part in a professionally conducted educational measure and thereby support them on their way to a future-oriented and interesting job with social security contributions.


Mission Statement 

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Remo Köhl, Robotics Trainer
Phone: +49 151 441 380 09


Leadec Automation & Engineering GmbH

Education Center

Kauffahrtei 25, Building 3

09120 Chemnitz, Germany




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