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  • We offer you a wide range of tasks in the field of production planning, development and maintenance planning of locomotives.
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    We offer you a wide range of tasks in the field of production planning, development and maintenance planning of locomotives.

Rail References

Production Planning

Manufacturing plant for rail vehicles

In Kiel we were there from the very first second when it came to the layout planning and implementation of a factory for rail vehicle production. We have defined manufacturing standards and planned assembly and logistics processes in order to build an efficient production facility.

With our Manufacturing Engineering unit, we set standards in the assembly of rail vehicles. Design projects with us from greenfield to completion.

Vehicle Development

Construction of shunting locomotives

When you see the finished locomotive drive out of production at the end of the project, it is an indescribable feeling. In Kiel, we supported rail vehicle manufacturers in the development and construction of hybrid locomotives. Environmental awareness and sustainability were always in the foreground. We were on site with several mechanical and electrical engineers, defined functions, created circuit diagrams and specifications for electrical systems as well as engine peripherals, cooling systems and fuel systems.

We are working on the development of rail vehicles in the fields of mechanics and electrics. Experience the fascination of locomotives with us.

Maintenance Service

Maintenance planning

Our motto: "Locomotives should run, not stop." To do this, we create maintenance plans, identify components that are susceptible to repair and arrange preventive service checks for locomotives. Which spare parts and components have to be replaced? After how many hours of operation does a certain component break? We answer these and other questions to our customers, thereby helping them to reduce costs and downtimes.

We plan preventive maintenance work for large manufacturers and operators. Help us ensure that locomotives run for a long time.


Approval of Rail Vehicles

It is our job to ensure the safety of rail vehicles. We support our customers in the approval management for installed components by organizing all tasks of the approval process. We take care of communication with regulatory authorities, testing institutes, service providers and subcontractors at an early stage of vehicle development through to vehicle validation.

From the creation of the specification sheet to the approval to the driver's license accompany us with the approval processes for rail vehicles.

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  • Production Optimization

    You want to increase your efficiency and raise the output of your production line? Do not worry about unnecessary expenses! We at Leadec suggest specific solutions how you can increase your production optimization to save time and costs.

  • System and Automation Solutions

    We are already realizing complete solutions with our highly efficient staff for customers all over the world. We develop innovative automation solutions that meet your individual needs and support you, starting with the planning stage and ending with the implementation of your project.

  • Smart Factory Solutions

    Digitization is advancing – and with it Industry 4.0 (Smart Factory). Do not leave anything to chance and prepare yourself for intelligent and self-regulating production with Leadec.