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Leadec helps you digitize your production

Smart factory – from the sensor to the cloud

We offer solution packages for more efficiency and profitability in your factory. The intelligent acquisition of process data, which can be retrieved at any time and from anywhere by the worker in the plant to the management, enables the combination of active plant monitoring and (predictive) maintenance.

Your production site firmly in view

The smart factory (Industry 4.0) offers a continuous interface from the shop floor to the database servers. Through the linkage, a flexible identification and presentation of KPIs (key performance indicators) is possible. The simple presentation of the corresponding dashboards with different views and representations makes it possible to quickly derive and illustrate the value to be determined. In this way, performance and activity can be determined and you obtain a holistic management element.

Leave nothing to chance in your production

With web-based Andon boards you always have an eye on your production. You are shown the number of pieces still to be produced as well as the number of parts already made. The number to be reached is calculated based on the cycle time selected by you, which means that your employees are always informed about the target to be reached or the status of a line. But this display can do so much more.


On the one hand, it tells your employees what the current production trend is. It serves as a malfunction display and can display work instructions as well as quality notices. On the other hand, employees are informed about a breakdown should a line come to a standstill. Instructions can be displayed graphically and easily implemented through workstation-related employee guidance.

Is that all there is to it? The smart factory for smart logistics  

Blazingly fast thanks to mobile communications standard 5G

  • Supports wireless communication in Industry 4.0.
  • Increases data transfer rate in the mobile network tenfold to more than 10 GB per second.
  • Enables real-time machine communication: a prerequisite for coordinating your machines and processes.

More control thanks to kanban processes

  • The principle of kanban is the organization of multi-stage production processes in the form of interlinked control cycles.
  • Each control cycle consists of a manufacturing stage and an upstream material store.
  • During each production process, the required material is taken from a material store and shortages are replenished decentrally.
  • Advantages in the short-term adjustment of inventories, transport quantities and transport destinations.

Networking through cyber-physical systems

  • Here, 20 and more process variables of your robot control, such as the position data of your tool, are recorded up to a thousand times a second.
  • A big data client reads this data and then converts it into real-time information.
  • The systems support process knowledge and enable improvement of overall plant effectiveness.
  • Reduction of production costs.

Automated guided vehicles for more safety and efficiency

  • Increase the safety of your employees. The material flow is optimally controlled.
  • By connecting to central ERP and logistics systems, resources such as capital, employees and production equipment can be kept in view and managed.

Intelligent reordering facilitates further processing

  • Precisely calculated line-side material supply ensures that the required material is delivered with pinpoint accuracy.
  • This increases the transparency of the components for the manufacturing process and effectively reduces costs through forward-looking planning.

Working with the cloud in manufacturing

  • Basic technology of the smart factory
  • From the user’s point of view, cloud computing refers to the appropriate use of software, storage space or computing power via data networks.
  • The data network can be an internal network (intranet), but also an external network (the public internet).

In your smart factory, with the support of our team, you can set up a cloud to use, for example, digital tools on demand from the platforms of major manufacturers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).


With your smart factory, you not only answer the call of digitization, but at the same time support your workers with an integrated, scalable and mobile assistance system. Save resources, link your manufacturing processes and form an efficient cycle from the individual steps of your production.


Smart factory in a nutshell

A smart factory is used to enable autonomous logistics systems and automated manufacturing plants as well as cyber-physical systems to organize themselves. These include automated guided vehicles, learning machines and IT systems that control these processes. Make sophisticated tasks easier for your employees and maximize your performance and efficiency with the help of our team.

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