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We take care of your condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring for your production

Condition monitoring of your processes serves as an instrument for predictive plant and machinery maintenance. The focus is primarily on machines, asset data, power consumption, vibration or temperature. Through our condition monitoring, we guarantee lower wear, high availability and efficiency of the machines.

We offer you a wide range of services

Our analysis of various signal information from your machines and systems enables early detection of errors and inefficiencies. This not only prevents unplanned downtime, but also reduces your costs. Condition monitoring collects and analyzes real-time diagnostics of the plant’s production resources to make better asset management decisions and optimize the operation of your plant and equipment.


We provide intelligent condition monitoring through the selection and installation of state-of-the-art sensors and analysis systems, precisely tailored to your assets. This includes the collection, provision and archiving of all condition data as well as regular data analysis by our experts in order to optimize systems and derive recommendations for action. The focus is always on the added value for our customers: the increase in plant availability through plannable corrective activities.

We divide our work steps into three phases  

  • Manual monitoring: Our experts are able to detect anomalies in your processes at an early stage and can thus prevent major failures. This reduces repair and follow-up costs and allows for the freed-up money to be spent otherwise.
  • Online monitoring: In online monitoring, we take care of the selection and installation of sensors and IT systems. Likewise, we install additional fault pattern detection and an improved evaluation of the degree of wear. In addition, we develop holistic and integrated monitoring solutions for your production line.
  • Automated diagnosis : During automated diagnostics, we establish intelligent definitions of alarm thresholds and action specifications. Adaptive alarming allows us to quickly detect limit violations and optimally support the maintenance of your plant through optimized planning and prioritization.

Our goals  

We pay close attention to increasing your ROA (return on assets). Working with us reduces the wear and tear on your plant and equipment, extending the life of all components. Avoiding negative environmental impact is a top priority for us and we pay as much attention to reducing power consumption as we do to increasing plant safety to protect people and machinery.

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