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    Our solutions for your logistics.


Ever faster, shorter, more flexible and with increasingly smaller batch sizes: The demands on the logistics sector in the 21st century are as varied as the areas of activity themselves. The planning and management of the flow of goods and information, but also the transport of goods as well as their turnaround and storage are the largest economic sector in Germany after automotive and trade. Around 268 billion euros in sales were generated in logistics across all industries in 2020, in Europe the market volume amounts to around 1,120 billion euros (2018).


The complex processes regularly pose new challenges not only for logistics service providers, but also for manufacturers and their suppliers. This is because only just under half of the services involve the visible movement of goods by service providers. The other half takes place in the planning, management and implementation within companies. It is precisely here that our customers rely on our long-standing and sophisticated expertise.

With Leadec you are faster

Thanks to years of experience, we are just as versatile as the fields of activity of the industries in which we operate. We support you on the way to achieving your ambitious goals and sustainably optimizing your production.

There is no production that can do without good logistics planning. Be it procurement logistics, production logistics, warehouse logistics or distribution logistics: The entire supply chain plays a decisive role. Our experts have the right solutions for all these challenges – also for your industry of the future.

The cornerstone of good logistics

We help to create highly efficient logistics structures. In addition to optimized layout planning, this also includes the selection of the right conveyor technology and coordinated material flows. We develop and plan your processes and simulate your production sequences realistically in order to avoid later failures and to save costs as well as time.

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Optimally positioned with Leadec

With our system and automation solutions, we help you establish efficient and effective logistics solutions. We take care of the on-line and off-line programming of your robots and install production data acquisition and manufacturing execution systems. Leadec takes care of the complete electrical installation and continues to be at your side during and after the commissioning of your logistics systems.

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Avoid failures

In order to perfectly optimize your production logistics, detailed data evaluation by test and inspection systems of the goods and components to be transported is required. As a result, transportation disruptions will be reduced. Furthermore, our experts additionally advise you on the topic of Industry 4.0 (smart factory) and how we can actively support you in the digitization of your processes.

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