• Most optimized processes for highest efficiency.
  • Line and machine building

    Most optimized processes for highest efficiency.

Line and machine building

Our decades of expertise in numerous customer projects have made us a strong and reliable partner for the line and machine building industry. It can rely on our wide range of services and worldwide locations with qualified personnel.


As a decisive innovation driver, the line and machine building sector is active in the areas of Industry 4.0, resource-conserving environmental protection, energy efficiency and electromobility. We support our customers in the transformation and contribute our own ideas and solutions.


Plant manufacturers face the challenge of continuously delivering complex solutions. Our planners at Leadec provide valuable input for this and point out new solution paths. 

Sophisticated factory planning

Errors during planning can cause big problems in the implementation phase at the latest. We are your strong partner when it comes to planning, redesigning, expanding or optimizing your factory. A detailed and clean planning of your production is our focus. By creating a 3D layout of your plant and process steps, we have the opportunity to go through different scenarios and thus avoid potential trouble spots right from the start. You benefit from our experience and the knowledge of our experts, who guarantee a flawless integration of your new plant and equipment. 

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Automation solutions for optimum results

Line and machine building is one of the most innovative industries. Leadec is a pioneer in the implementation of advanced solutions for plants and processes. We advise you on the latest automation processes and implement automation solutions suitable for your area of application.

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More efficiency for less money

In the field of automation and production IT, plant manufacturers work intensively with partners like Leadec because we offer innovative solutions with real added value. These are flexible in terms of technical solutions, implementation times and duration of projects. We master the various standards of our customers, which makes us an excellent partner.

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