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A key technology for highly automated driving

Electric Power Steering

Electric power steering (EPS) controls and supports the steering of vehicles with the help of an intelligently controlled electric motor. A decisive advantage is the lower energy consumption. After all, the operating principle of an electric power steering system is simple but clever.


Intelligent control

When the driver makes a steering movement, the torque sensor records the steering signal. Within fractions of a second, this data is transmitted as an electrical signal to the electronic control unit, which calculates the optimum steering assistance and passes this information on to the electric motor. Based on the calculated results, the electric motor provides the required power.


A key difference from hydraulic steering is that electric power steering only draws power when the driver actually performs a steering movement. A hydraulic pump, on the other hand, is always in motion when the engine is running.


E-steering also represents a key technology with regard to the future topic of automated driving. The integration of the electronic control unit into the vehicle's electrical system enables automated driving functions.


The advantages of electric power steering

  • Weight savings because the steering valve, steering pump, oil reservoir and high-pressure hoses and other parts are eliminated
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions
  • Easier installation in the vehicle
  • Maintenance-free due to the elimination of oil and hydraulics
  • Active support for the driver during steering
  • Increased comfort and safety
  • 90 percent less energy consumption compared with hydraulic steering systems

Planning solutions for the mobility of tomorrow

Our aim is to create a component that offers a wide range of flexible interfaces. We create the best solution for your needs and plan and optimize your electric power steering processes individually. Whether layout planning, specification or requirement specification, in the field of engineering we create the suitable solution concept for you, taking into account all requirements. In addition, we also take care of interface coordination and, if desired, accompany you to your customer’s construction site.

Long-term usable solutions

When it comes to automation, Leadec supports you in all important areas for the production of electric power steering systems: from the installation of your line to the implementation of programmable logic controllers (PLC) to the commissioning of the line. With us, every automation step is in the best hands.

Highest quality

In the field of production IT, we develop test benches for quality control to ensure consistently high quality of electric power steering components. Furthermore, we coordinate the control and networking of your work sequences for more efficient process flows.

Do you want to learn more?

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