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    Smooth production with intelligent solutions from Leadec  

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is in the midst of a transformation: Increasing individualization of vehicles, constantly tightening environmental aspects, new laws or widespread electromobility present vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with complex challenges in equal measure.


Simply Leadec

We have been a reliable and valued partner in the automotive industry for decades and know our way around. Thanks to our services, products and systems, we find an optimal solution for every project. We pave the way so that you achieve your ambitious goals at the highest quality.


Car manufacturing is a multi-layered process that involves many challenges: The entire industry is faced with the task of permanently identifying optimization potential and exploiting it. HPV (hours per vehicle) must be continuously reduced, as must capital commitment. Assembly must be optimally clocked, employees must be utilized to capacity and warehouses must be supplied. Our experts have individual solutions for all these challenges.

Reliability throughout all project phases of an assembly line

We know that mistakes in the planning phase can have serious consequences later on. However, if you invest starting from a correct analysis and involve us from the beginning, you can achieve enormous savings. We are very familiar with the industry and are networked, so we can avoid problems in the various process steps and identify unique opportunities for even better production.

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High level of automation in production

Producing a high-quality product on time – we lay the foundation for this with our work. We ensure that circuit diagrams are designed, PLC and robotics programming run smoothly, the electrical engineering staff has sufficient time to work and all disciplines complement each other ideally on the construction site.

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Intelligent solutions with production IT

Intelligent production control makes all the difference and transforms contemporary production facilities into future-proof, smart factories. Leadec also relies on individual software solutions developed in-house.

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