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Increasing manufacturing quality with digital weld seam monitoring

Digital weld seam control with welD.One

Our software solution welD.One guarantees optimal display of the current welding data and permanent quality control in production. It was developed for automated welding and rework welding equipment to reduce effort, costs and risks through continuous quality control in production.

Permanent quality control during welding

welD.One is a system that captures, records and evaluates inline quality data of welds. All quality-relevant welding process data are digitally recorded by the welding power sources via a communication interface and documented in real time in the higher-level database. There, an algorithm evaluates the data based on the individually defined parameters, often linked with data from other quality assurance systems.


The monitoring results enable direct and permanent feedback into the plant’s automation process; after the target/actual comparison, the welding parameters are adjusted immediately. In addition, the results can be integrated into higher-level IT systems.


Our mission: Never again an untested or unsafe weld!

Improved quality control through welD.One

Better quality management reduces costs. The basic aim of weld seam quality inspections is to make components as safe as possible and to regularly check and document their quality. In everyday work, this means that in most cases every umpteenth component is checked for weld seam quality. If problems are detected, parts have to be inspected subsequently at great expenditure or, in the worst case, destroyed.

Detection of manufacturing problems at an early stage: If the quality of the weld seam does not meet your requirements, you can identify these components and rework can be carried out quickly.

Reduction of destructive component testing: You detect problems very early due to the high degree of testing and can make changes in the welding process in good time. This significantly reduces your destructive component testing.

Reduction of manual rework and testing: The effort for manual rework and retesting is significantly reduced. Normally, destructive testing is no longer necessary. Defective components are rejected, rework becomes plannable.

Documentation: With the use of welD.One, you do not only increase your degree of testing, but also achieve an automated documentation regarding the quality of your welds and components.

Continuous quality assurance: welD.One further digitizes your production, data from different systems are merged and evaluated. You define the exact parameters and your quality requirements.

Cost reduction for component tracking: You can reduce costs and effort for component tracking to a minimum. Each component is checked directly for weld quality. Through the digital real-time recording of the welding data and linking with parameters of other quality assurance systems, you realize enormous time savings.

Process optimization: With welD.One, you achieve a successful and sustainable optimization of your processes (predictive maintenance). By using the software, a predictive maintenance of the welding process with optimized maintenance intervals is achieved.

Types of monitoring

The system offers different types of monitoring, including:


  • envelope-based corridors
  • permissible corridor violations
  • blanking areas
  • welding time
  • evaluation of the welding defects
  • seam completeness
  • sequence with variant support

Smart solutions for your production

welD.One can be directly integrated into new plants or retrofitted in existing plants. Both robot-supported welding systems and manual welding stations are monitored. The customer-specific connection of the automation technology can be realized flexibly via plug-ins. These include, for example, OPC-UA, Siemens S7, Beckhoff TwinCAT and Digital IO.

WelD.One is the software for your welding quality control

We implement welD.One for automated welding and rework welding equipment to reduce effort, costs and risks in case of quality-related problems. welD.One offers significantly more monitoring options that can be more finely parameterized and thus allows a higher degree of testing of the welding process. In combination with the complete documentation and the flexible visualization, the effort for quality control is reduced and the existing necessary manual work steps are simplified.

The advantages of welD.One at a glance

  • Use of existing data: The direct data from the welding power source are used. No additional external sensor system is required.
  • Open platform: Our solution is open to higher-level IT systems and thus offers a high degree of flexibility.
  • Increasing effectiveness and quality: You effectively use synergies by combining quality data monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • First-class result: By combining product and machine data in one system.

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