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Automation project planning made easy


Cost pressure and competitiveness in automation projects are continuously increasing. For this reason, Leadec developed the TERANiS project planning tool. It helps to reduce costs and facilitate standardization in companies. TERANiS is characterized in particular by its open system architecture and manufacturer independence, which enables broad application in many different areas of automation technology.

Transparent process flow with TERANiS

The programming tool for control systems bridges the gap between technology and automation experts and forms a communication platform based on a state graph describing the process. Thus, the complete process flow is transparent for all participants.


Almost all processes in today’s automation architectures are based on PLC (programmable logic controller). The functionality positioned there is graphically projected in TERANiS, translated into PLC code and written into the PLC using the PLC manufacturer’s programming tool. These logics can be reused for different manufacturers. All data is stored in a database so that the data can be used for the entire project.


From this modeled process flow, executable control programs from a wide range of manufacturers can be generated using the compilers supplied. This has the advantage that we can build the compiler at any time if you are missing a control type.

The HMI/SCADA process data base and the complete documentation in each sub-step of the project can be generated at the push of a button. Additional tools, such as an analyzer and the online mode of graphical programming, shorten the commissioning process many times over.


Process modeling with TERANiS enables you to map the complete roundtrip in process engineering. In online mode, TERANiS connects to the controller and uses colored markings to show the current progress of the program in the process model.


Graphical project planning

The core of TERANiS is the graphical editor TeCAD. A separate free version is available for process planning.


Across all manufacturers

The following PLCs are available:

  • STEP7 from Siemens
  • Concept or Unity from Schneider Electric
  • Others on request

Output in standard languages such as ST (Structured Text) or C is also possible.


Automatic generation of the HMI/SCADA process data base

The following HMI/SCADA are connected:

  • WinCC from Siemens
  • iFIX from GE Fanuc
  • Others via freely parameterizable interfaces

All TERANiS modules at a glance

  • Studio
  • TeAnalyze
  • TeCAD
  • TeEdit
  • TeList
  • TeVar

All TERANiS tools at a glance

  • TeStep7
  • TeVarExport
  • TeFix
  • TeWinCC
  • TeFileTransfer

All TERANiS target systems at a glance

  • Target system Step 7
  • Target system Concept
  • Target system Unity
  • Target system PCWorX
  • Target system C

Advantages of TERANiS:

  • Helps to reduce costs
  • Facilitates standardization in companies
  • Broad application in many areas of automation technology
  • Documentation is automatic
  • Data can be reused
  • Error prevention in the implementation

Do you want to learn more?

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