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Minimize costs and production downtime with our internally developed software robCONTROL

More efficiency with robCONTROL

When plants that comprise robots are retrofitted or created completely new, structured planning is required to avoid collisions. Through a detailed analysis of the individual process steps with our internally developed software robCONTROL, we can simulate these processes and detect and eliminate problem areas before they occur. This saves you unnecessary expenses for subsequent modifications and guarantee safety for your employees.

We sit down with you right from the start to ensure that we are ideally suited to your needs. You provide us with your planning data including CAD data of components, grippers or fixtures as well as your plant and equipment’s software programs. Afterwards, our robCONTROL software is applied.


For this purpose, we prepare the simulation data and enter them into the software. This is followed by modeling, calculation and visualization of the systems, which are analyzed and evaluated by our experts. In the final step, any necessary optimizations and adjustments are made until all process steps mesh perfectly.


Our customers receive from us an optimized simulation of their robot cells thanks to robCONTROL and the evaluation of collision safety to avoid failures. Optionally, we also deliver programs for real plant and equipment.

The steps with robCONTROL

  • Concept planning
  • Rough planning
  • Detailed planning
  • Simulation/production equipment design
  • Offline programming
    • Determination of interlocks, sequence control, cycle time adherence
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Plant set-up/programming
  • Commissioning
    • Implementation of collision-free programs
  • Production
    • Collision analysis of existing plant
  • Optimization
    • Cycle time reduction of running plants

A classic example

The cycle time at a bottleneck robot cell in the body shop for doors and tailgates was to be reduced by 10 percent at a customer. There were two options: either to procure and install additional robots or to optimize the robot programs.


Our specialists at Leadec Automation & Engineering analyzed the actual situation and, using our own robCONTROL software, calculated how shorter interlocking times and optimized travel paths could reduce the cycle time of the robots.


Avoiding robot collisions

robCONTROL can reduce cycle times and minimize the risk of downtime. This saves our customers time and money and increases the availability of their plant. By eliminating the causes of malfunctions at an early stage, production becomes significantly more efficient.


Would you like to expand your plant and optimize your production line with the help of robCONTROL? Please contact us.

Do you want to learn more?

Ask us. Please send us a message. We would be happy to hear from you.




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