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  • Our in-house experts are at your side during planning and implementation and will work with you to tackle start-up support.
  • Our in-house developments

    Our in-house experts are at your side during planning and implementation and will work with you to tackle start-up support.

In-house developments

Ever faster, more flexible, more cost-effective: This is what today's manufacturing world looks like in many industries. At the same time, the demands on consistently high product quality are increasing. Leadec products support you in your production and start exactly where it matters. This is achieved, for example, through our diverse selection of products such as welding quality analysis or data analysis - of course always tailored to our customers.

Overview products:


jitCATS helps you to plan and control your production and to meet delivery dates and it balances your capacities. The system was developed specifically for the operation and quality documentation of the production of multi-variant products and controls assembly orders in a sequence-oriented manner. Likewise, jitCATS ensures delivery of the correct variants in the appropriate sequence, especially in the case of fluctuating or varying assembly volumes and controls the correct execution of bolting and other assembly operations in your plant.

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Our solution welD.One is a system for inline quality data acquisition, recording and evaluation of welds. Quality-relevant welding process data are recorded by a communication interface of the welding current sources and evaluated by means of a very versatile configurable monitoring and algorithmics. The monitoring results thus obtained allow a direct and permanent feedback into the automation process of the plant as well as the integration into higher-level IT systems. The unbeatable advantage of our solution is that it offers considerably more and finer parameterizable monitoring options, thus allowing a higher degree of testing of the welding process. In connection with the complete documentation and the flexible visualization, the effort for quality control is reduced for you and the existing necessary manual work steps are simplified.

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When plants that comprise robots are retrofitted or created completely new, structured planning is required to avoid collisions. Through a detailed analysis of the individual process steps with our internally developed software robCONTROL, we can simulate these processes and detect and eliminate problem areas before they occur. This saves you unnecessary expenses for subsequent modifications and guarantees safety for your employees.

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The key to process optimization lies in data analysis. Your complex manufacturing and production facilities are the focus of our work. However, your already integrated technology can only lead to the best possible results in the environment of optimally organized production processes. This is exactly where [LuQ2] comes into play: [LuQ2] combines your production data, your know-how and your processes.

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Cost pressure and competitiveness in automation projects are continuously increasing. For this reason, Leadec developed the TERANiS project planning tool. It helps to reduce costs and facilitate standardization in companies. TERANiS is characterized in particular by its open system architecture and manufacturer independence, which enables broad application in many different areas of automation technology.

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